Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abs-olutely effective!

Ridiculous corny jokes and it's only Thursday!  Aren't you glad you showed up?  :)

I had to share this with everyone, since I am constantly searching for the "best of" moves when it comes to working out and lifting.  Last week, I tried a routine from a popular women's magazine that promised to shake up my core workout.  Pffff.  Two of the moves were totally impractical to do in a gym with other people around since they required multiple pieces of equipment (I hate being an equipment hoarder) and at least a 6-foot square area.  Not happening.  Another move named after The Matrix, had me clutching my knees in pain and realizing my core felt nothing.  Ultimate fail, Schmomen's Fealth, ahem.  So, what to do?

Then, through the miracle of Google searching, I stumbled onto the best ab exercise resource to date.  The American Council on Exercise commissioned a study performed at a biomechanics lab in San Diego to determine the most effective abdominal exercises, including machines and other aids.  The results are surprising.  Here is the link.

Yesterday I opted for the bicycle, captain's chair, vertical leg crunch and hover (aka plank) in a cycle of 3 sets of 10 of each exercise.  I am happy to report that not only were they effective (hello, familiar burning sensation in my muscles!) but I am pleasantly just a tiny bit sore today -- the sign of a good workout.  Count me among those who is happy to say farewell to the antiquated crunch :)

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