Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: So long, summer

TGIF!  Have you been enjoying the last week of summer?  Depending where you are in the country, you could be getting rain, heat, or even (gasp) snow.  We're (thankfully) in the sunshine category and spending the weekend in Reading with Matt's family; keep reading for the reason why we're there.

Have an enjoyable few days, live it up, and maybe even treat yourself to a few of today's Friday Five: some of my favorite summer-only things that I'll miss dearly until next year.  I'll just have to drown my sorrows in all the pumpkin things, amiright?!  See you next summer... eee!  Enjoy!

1. Watermelon - I loathed this summer fruit as a kid, grew to like it two or three years ago, and became downright addicted to it these past few months.  Matt won't touch it, so it's been up to me to consume whatever we buy, averaging 3/4 (!!!) of a full-size watermelon per week.  I cube it and keep it in a giant bowl in the fridge so it's ready to eat whenever: as I cook in the morning and evening, after a workout, for dessert, and even as a late-night snack.  I think this week's fruit will be the last -- it's not the sweetest but it'll do, by golly.  RIP, juicy watermelons!

2. Daylight - I know the hours of daylight have been waning since late June, but I've really noticed how dark it gets in the evenings over the past two weeks.  On one hand, it makes me want to get cozy in sweats, curl up with a blanket and sip on hot chocolate, and bake hearty casseroles, all of which I love love loooove.  On the other hand, photographing food with only the aid of indoor lighting is a royal pain.  First world problems, right?

3. Seasonal ice cream shops - Speaking of first world problems, get ready for this one: two of my three favorite ice cream shops (Antney's and Page Dairy Mart, for the Pittsburgh locals) are closing soon until next spring.  My sadness is real and totally justified.  Don't even try to console me by saying there are other places; there is only one place and it's nearly 25 miles away.  Until Antney's and Page close in early October, I'm going on an all-out ice cream bender, which means I've started running a lot more.

4. Really, really long walks - I've always loved long walks around the city and through the parks.  After our trip to LA, much of which was spent exploring by foot, Matt fell in love with long walks, too.  We've gotten in the habit of turning evening strolls into 2-hour adventures.  Sadly, with limited daylight and busy weeknights and weekends, we'll have to settle for quick jaunts around the block... and quality time on the couch as our favorite TV shows return.  OMG, Mindy Project!

5. Weddings - Aside from our winter nuptials, weddings seem to be a thing of spring and summer, and the last one on this year's calendar is happening this weekend.  Matt's brother, Chris, and his fiancee, Jess, are getting hitched tomorrow!  I'm so excited to see everyone and know the festivities will be an absolute blast.  Pictures to come next week.  If the incredibly unique Nintendo cartridge-shaped invitation  is any indication, this may be the most impressive theme wedding I'll ever attend.  An early congratulations to the couple -- we love you both! :)

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