Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five: Back to school shopping

TGIF!  This shorter-than-usual but felt-longer-than-normal week is in the books, and I'm ready for the weekend.  Going back to school is exhausting, isn't it?

...says the person who hasn't set foot in a classroom for nearly eight years.  Gulp.

But, I've got a husband who resumed the teacher's life this week, so I've spent the week getting back into our school year routine: packing lunches, preparing dinners that are microwave-friendly (when swimming practice goes late), and doing my best to conquer a never-ending reserve of clothing in need of ironing.  If it weren't for Friends reruns and The Office DVDs, our clothes would never be wrinkle-free.  #howdidourgrandmothersdoit

Even if I've got neither lessons to prepare nor homework to finish, I've got back to school fever, which really means back to school shopping fever.  Better than number 2 pencils and 3-ring binders, here are my new favorite things to get me in the spirit for fall, college football, and all things pumpkin.  Friday Five for the win!  Whatever you do and wherever you go, treat yourself to a little something good :)

1. Sweatpants -  Specifically, these sweatpants from Target.  Tossed in my basket on a whim during a recent dash through Target and waited until I got home to try them on.  (I wasn't even there for clothes!  But that's how it always goes, right?)  Softest.sweatpants.ever!!!  I love that they are slightly fitted, which means they won't ride up when pulling sheets or a blanket over yourself.  I've told every girlfriend of mine about these and even bought a second pair in a different color.  Do yourself a favor and check these out ASAP!

2. Slip-on shoes - Keeping with the comfort theme, I accidentally found the cutest and most pillowy sneakers at coughGapKidscough.  First, does anyone even use the word "sneakers" anymore?  And second, sizes go up to a girl's 5 which is equal to a women's 7 or so, FYI.  Anyway, I've been looking for a pair of casual and cool shoes to wear in place of boat shoes or gym shoes, and these definitely fit the bill.  I ordered three colors/styles and have yet to decide on one to keep: gray quilted, mint green, or light khaki?   I'd love to hear what you think and appreciate any/all opinions!

3. Seaweed snacks - String cheese and Handi-Snacks may have been my childhood snacks of choice, but my tastes have become a little more sophisticated over the years.  Okay, string cheese is still my jam; I just can't shake pull-able cheese!  But when I'm looking for something crunchy, my new obsession is these sesame seaweed snacks from Annie Chun's.  My uncle introduced me to them two years ago, and it took until last weekend to find them around here.  Healthy, loaded with flavor, and just plain fun to eat; if you're a fan of sushi, I think you'll love these.  I'm going to look for the brown sugar and sea salt variety this weekend.  Fingers crossed!

4. New Pitt gear - I feel as though I should apologize to my blogger buddy and fellow Pittsburgh girl, Angela, for this entry.  #sorrynotsorry ;)  Each year before football season begins, Matt and I pick up one new item to wear.  This shirt caught my eye immediately; it's super soft and just a smidge thicker than other tissue tees.  I'm hoping to wear this for the next home game, as long it's not another 90 degree day.  H2P!

5. Fall wreath - Though it's technically not yet fall, it is September and that means I've had the same wreath on our front door since April.  Yikes!  I'm looking for something autumnal that will get us to October when the Halloween garb can come out to play.  I love this wreath and hope to find something similar this weekend.  To those of you wondering, yes, I'm allowing myself to look at fall decorations, but Halloween candy is still off-limits.

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