Monday, July 21, 2014

Meal plan: Week of 7/6-7/12

Hello, Monday!  More importantly, hello to you!  My birthday weekend was faaaaabulous and sweet and full of surprises.  So far, 30 is looking pretty good... as far as I can tell from these sleep-deprived eyes.  Pictures to follow soon, I promise.  For now, a week's worth of meals will have to do.

Weekly Meals: July 6th - 12th

Sunday: Cookout at parents'
Monday: Sausage-stuffed zucchini boats
Tuesday: Hummus platter with veggies & shrimp
Wednesday: Huevos rancheros with avocado
Thursday: Spicy apricot salmon (similar recipe) with sauteed garlic spinach & broccoli
Friday: (Traveling)
Saturday: (Traveling)

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  1. Everything sounds delicious! Especially the spicy apricot salmon! :)