Monday, July 7, 2014

Meal plan: Week of 6/22-6/28

Hiya!  Happy belated Independence Day to you!  Did everyone have a glorious 4th of July and long weekend?  Hope so!

We most certainly did, almost too much.  On our way home last night, we said it feels like we've lived at least a week in just four days.  Pool parties, cookouts, a lil' shopping (because it's the American way),  a Riverhounds soccer game, and all the fireworks.  We even kicked things off on Friday morning with a 5K run.  My original wish was to don some uber patriotic threads for the race, but we did one better and wore these shirts: Matt's and mine.  Because what's more American than hot dogs and bacon? :) 

Raise your hand if you're struggling juuuuust a little this morning.  Getting back into the work/contributing member to society routine is never easy on a Monday, but especially not on one after a holiday weekend.  I'm thanking my lucky stars that I had the foresight to cash in a vacation day today.

After a very good night's sleep (I swear I slept almost as well as the dead...), I'm knocking things off my to-do list like a champ, and next on the agenda is a trip to the grocery store.  Thank goodness for meal plans, or I'd be lost.  If you're feeling a little behind the ball, here's another meal plan to inspire you and make life a little easier :)

Week of June 22nd - 28th

Sunday: Pizza from Carbonara's at friends' house
Monday: Southwest pulled pork salads
Tuesday: Honey dijon chicken with steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Ham, apple & spinach wraps
Thursday: Mexican spice chicken with corn & black beans
Friday: Ham with broccoli & peas
Saturday: Out to Union Grill

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