Monday, June 16, 2014

Meal plan Mondays: Week of 6/1-6/7

Happy Monday to all of you!  Here's hoping you had a fantastic Father's Day weekend.

The weather was seriously, couldn't-complain-if-ya-tried perfect around here in western PA.  We spent the slightly-cooler Saturday running errands, and rewarded our productivity with a date night that evening:.  We went to see 22 Jump Street and stopped for ice cream after the show.  The former was utterly hilarious -- as funny as the first, if not funnier! -- and the latter (a small hot fudge sundae) was sweet, petite, and totally hit the spot.  Sunday we met up with my family in the Strip District for a lobster lunch to celebrate Dad on Father's Day.  It was a very relaxing weekend!

Much to our dismay -- and I mean childish, hands-on-hips pouting kind of dismay -- the work week waits for no one.  Late Sunday evening, we're asking one another, "What do we have going on this week?" as we pack lunches are packed, fold laundry, and try to get our acts together so things can go off without a hitch in the days until the next weekend to come.  Thankfully, with a little planning and smart shopping, we've already got answers to one of the most important/frequent queries posed: What's for dinner?

I've gotten many questions from readers and friends about what I make for dinner and if it's a new recipe every night.  The answer to the second question is heck no :)  Meanwhile, the answer to the first question has inspired me to start a new series of blog posts with our weekly mean plans.  This way you can see exactly what we eat, be the recipes tried and true favorites, newly-shared blog-worthy dishes, or simple anti-recipes.  I'll include links to recipes, where applicable, too. 

Let me know what you think of this new feature -- I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you!

Week of June 1st - June 7th
Sunday: Sally's baked beans with steamed broccoli
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Tuna & avocado quinoa salad
Wednesday: Andy's BBQ chicken with salad & tomatoes
Thursday: Chicken, black bean, pepper quesadillas with apricot salsa
Friday: Parmesan-crusted pork chops with green beans & cauliflower
Saturday: Out to a friend's birthday picnic

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  1. I am always interested in what other people are making for the week when I am meal planning! I added the BBQ chicken to mine :)