Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday five: You-pick-it pumpkin recipe!

Friday!  I never thought I'd make it.  I could just kiss you right now.  The disbelief is so great that I've checked my planner and multiple calendars to confirm that it really is Friday and not Thursday or -- shudder - even Wednesday.  It wasn't exactly a slow week, judging by my to-do lists and evening plans, but certainly seemed like it.  Between you and me, I think it's because I'm still reminiscing about the excitement of last weekend.  Too much fun, I tell ya!

Speaking of last weekend, I've been on a mega apple kick lately, and realized I've only posted two pumpkin recipes so far this fall.  Eek!  Naturally, once I made sense of this, I went on a bit of a pumpkin brainstorming binge, jotting down no less than 20 ideas that I must make tomorrow, no, now!

Since indecision is my middle name (along with "kale" and "can'tsleepin"), it dawned on me that I should turn to you guys for a little help.  This week's Friday Five are a few of the pumpkin recipes near the top of that impulsive/hungry list.  Here goes:

1. Pumpkin spice snickerdoodles - The same soft and chewy cookie base you know from traditional snickerdoodles but amped up with pumpkin puree added to the cookie batter and then rolled in a mixture of sugar and pumpkin pie spices. 

2. Pumpkin pancakes - Exactly as they sound.  I'd love to say they'd be shaped like pumpkins, too, but that's TBD.

3. Pumpkin pudding cookies - Super soft and chewy cookies thanks to the addition of a package of pumpkin spice instant pudding to the batter. 
4. Pumpkin spice puppy chow - Again, another twist on a classic snack.  This time, think Chex cereal tossed with peanut butter, melted white chocolate, and pumpkin pie spices before being blanketed in confectioner's sugar.  I already can't keep my hand out of the imaginary bowl of this in my mind!

5. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies - Mmm hmm.

Search your soul, listen to your stomach, and leave a comment with your votes for #1 and #2 picks as to what you'd like me to make and share next.  Please submit votes byWednesday, October 16th, to have your appetite heard.

Thank you, friends! :)  Have a fantastically autumnal weekend!


  1. 2 is my #1 pick, and 5 is my #2 pick.

  2. #1 Pumpkin pudding cookies
    #2 Pumpkin puppy chow

  3. This is tough but I'd say 1 pumpkin spice snickerdodles and 2 pumpkin pudding cookies. I'm hungry already!

  4. Pancakes & pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

  5. First suggestion: #3
    Second suggestion: #5

  6. Pumpkin choc chip first. Pudding cookies second

  7. 1 - Puppy Chow
    2 - Chocolate Chip Cookies