Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday five: Fridge edition

Hey, I've got a serious question for you: what day is today?  Seriously.  If you have a firm grasp on reality, would you please be kind enough to inform me?  I think my calendar is trying to trick me.

All week I've been suffering from a serious case of "what day is today?" and no end is in sight.  I'm placing 100% of the blame on the unreasonable weather patterns around these parts.  68 degrees and sunny one day, while the next is 38 and damp and gray.  I've got one thing to say about fluctuating weather in December: Bah humbug.

I want snow, darn it!

I also want to go to the grocery store for a big-time stocking up the pantry, fridge and freezer trip.  It's slim pickins' at our place right now, aside from ingredients to make an amaaaaaazing new pizza recipe tonight (to be shared with you next week!).  We're down to the essentials. 

I've always enjoyed reading interviews with people, from food personalities and chefs to celebrities and regular folks like ourselves, that include the question, "What are five items almost always found in your fridge?"  In other word, the essentials.  So, today I'm sharing with you my list:

1. Baby spinach - Without a doubt, one of my favorite goes-with-anything ingredients.  I'll add it to smoothies, eggs, pasta, soups, sandwiches, and of course salads.  Popeye was spot on!

2. Cheese (at least three kinds) - Whenever I hear talk of veganism, my heart (and stomach) immediately yearns for cheese.  I think I might be able to adjust to live without meat, but could never live without cheese.  Currently, we have goat cheese, American cheese, grated parmesan, shredded mozzarella, and sharp cheddar.  Whew.

3. Baby carrots - Oh, my beloved carrots.  Every day I have a morning snack of carrots and almonds.  I've had this routine for close to 5 years now.  There's something about bright and snappy carrots that makes me feel so healthy and perky and good.

4. Eggs - Incredible edible!  Whenever I think of eggs, I recall one particular summer during college that my roommate and I went through a dozen eggs roughly every 3 days.  I pray that neither one of us develops high cholesterol.  Like spinach, eggs are so versatile.  Scrambled, dippy, with toast or in a sandwich, with salsa and beans, in a quiche, served over greens, or hard-boiled and made into egg salad.  Infinite possibilities!

5. Butter - You're so surprised, aren't you?  This is a little embarrassing but completely true.  When we're on a mission to clear out the fridge before going away for a few days and empty it of any real food, including the four previously mentioned items, there will always be condiments and at least one pound of butter. 

What 5 items are in your refrigerator at (almost) all times?

Happy Friday, folks! :)

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