Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday five - back again!

Maybe it's because I had the Monday off from work or the changing of the season and month, but I cannot seem to get a handle on what day it is.   For example, I totally thought Modern Family was on last night because, you know, it was supposed to be Wednesday.  But, I was happily surprised to find out it was actually Thursday and my favorite NBC shows were all new.  30 Rock returned for it's final season... single tear!

At any rate, I think I've caught up just in time to cheer with you -- TGIF!  Turns out it's been a while since the last installment of the Friday five, so allow me to share with you things I'm totally loving right now.

1. Get ready for my most ridiculous fashion craving yet: I want a leather skirt.  And I want one that fits properly (I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian.)  Yes, I realize it's highly impractical, but a girl can dream.

2. Love this dress for fall.  All I need are some gorgeous brown leather boots to go with it, which would be a much more sensible purchase than a one and done skirt. Since the dress is already on sale, I'll be saving some money on the first purchase, right?  #lovecolumbusdaysales

3. I've been busy checking things off my fall essentials list.  On tap for this weekend?  Getting my hands on a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.  Yes, please, and thank you.

4. Movie time!  After checking out the weather forecast, it looks like it's going to be a cool and damp weekend 'round these parts.  Since football will be Sunday's entertainment, Matt and I talked about catching a flick on Saturday.  If we go out, the options are The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Argo.  If we stay in, we'll probably rent The Hunger Games.  Have you seen any of those three?  Recommendations are appreciated :)

5. Soups.  All the soups!  Thank goodness cool weather will be around for months and months (seriously, I love wintertime!) so I can try a new soup recipe every week.  Most recently added to the list, and given some high priority, is this cheesy spinach soup a.k.a. witches' brew created by Annie's Eats.  Cannot wait to try this with some crusty bread!

Find some fun this weekend and enjoy fall, wherever you are! :)  Catch you on Monday...

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