Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday five

Things I'm totally loving right now and/or can't wait to get my hands on as soon as possible. 

1. Panera's garden vegetable soup with pesto.  Warm and so satisfying.  Matt and I have a Saturday full of errands planned and have already picked this for our lunch spot... because it's delicious and also because we have a coupon for buy one you pick two, get one free!

2. This metallic cardigan from Banana Republic.  Chunky but still feminine.  Cozy.  Sparkly.  And bearing pockets!  Could this sweater be any more perfect for the holidays?  "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

Never gets old, I swear.

3. This absolutely uh-dooooooooooor-uh-bull (that's "adorable" drawn out, for those of you still sleepy-eyed) spider cake by Cookies and Cups

4. Penguins Capitals 24/7 is going to be available -- finally!!! -- on DVD soon.  Christmas come early!

5. Pumpkin ice cream.  Natalie and I met for what was supposed to be the maiden pumpkin ice cream voyage to Dave & Andy's last night, but um, there was no pumpkin ice cream to be found!  Fools said it was made but still in the deep freezer because there wasn't room in the front case.  So, we did our part and ordered ice cream anyway, hoping to make room for said pumpkin glory.  I'm going back today to scope it out, but if it's still not on sale, I'm picking up the next best thing: Edy's slow-churned pumpkin ice cream

Wishing you a happy and sweet weekend!

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