Thursday, February 23, 2012

So nice, I did it twice!

Matt is a fairly easy to please kind of guy.  Especially in the kitchen, which he considers my domain and happily gives me the reigns to plan meals week after week.  With a few exceptions (steamed broccoli, cucumbers, and black olives) he'll eat almost anything.

On Friday or Saturday, I'll ask if he has anything in mind for dinners next week.  He'll reply, "Oh, not really.  Whatever you make will be great."

And, although he knows I'm going to ask what he wants to eat, and I know that he'll respond that it doesn't matter to him, we continue to do our little dance.  We're creatures of habit, I suppose.  I call it the meal plan dance.

Confession: I just made that up.  I'm creative like that.

So, last week when I began our little waltz, I almost stepped on Matt's feet when he said, "You know, I could go for pasta.  With meat sauce.  You made it a long time ago, and I really liked it.  Yeah, that sounds good." 

Whaaaaaaat?  Who was this guy and what had he done with my husband?

We started talking about how I rarely repeat recipes, even the ones I swear I'll make on a weekly basis because they're that damn delicious.  So I dug up the instructions for my favorite simple bolognese sauce and realized that the last time I made it was almost, to the very day, one year ago.

I  guess some things are just meant to be!  Like this bolognese.  Why I didn't jump on the bandwagon months ago and make extra batches to freeze for cold mild almost spring-like nights in February I'll never know.  It's so easy and so healthy and so bleeping good!

Totally worth repeating again and again and again.  This is the kind of classic recipe that every home cook should have in his/her arsenal.  It's infinitely adaptable: ground pork, turkey, or even chicken in place of beef!  Throw in some sliced mushrooms or chopped peppers.  Serve it over polenta or make a saucy sandwich by loading up a big ciabatta roll.

Trust me, this is the real deal, folks :)

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  1. This does look fantastic! I think this will be on my menu next week, especially if it gets colder :D