Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warm fall flavors - new product alert!

Yes yes, I realize that the calendar says it's summer (for almost 2 weeks still), but this very damp and dreary week we're having in Pittsburgh is making me think one thing: FALL!  I actually found myself searching for the Halloween section at Target on Monday.  Heads up: it's not out yet.  Boo.

While the costumes and colorful leaves are taking their sweet time to come out and play, something else has managed to satisfy my craving for comfort foods of a progressively cooler season.  Think pumpkin pie but in portable form

Pumpkin spice almonds from Planters!  You may now become giddy with excitement.  It's totally appropriate.  All of your thanks and shouts of glee can be directed at one of my best friend's boyfriend's mothers, the reigning tailgate queen... thank you, Mrs. H!

This past weekend she opened up a can of these before the first Pitt game of the season.  Amidst tables (yes, tableS!) of mouthwatering game-time treats, these gems turned out to be our kryptonite. The crunchy almonds are tossed in a sweet salty spicy combo of flavors: brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger!  People couldn't keep their grubby little fingers out of the can long enough to allow another person to sample some.

And, by "people", I clearly mean me.  I kind of have a thing for pumpkin, if you didn't know.

So, I'm begging you, do yourself a favor and hunt these down the next time you're at the grocery store.  And, after, please do me a favor and tell me that they they are irresistible to you, too :)


  1. They are delicious. And speaking of pumpkins: I can't wait for some roasted pumpkin seeds!

  2. Glad you like pumpkin....this Saturday it's Pumpkin Fluff!