Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Little Blender that Could

About a month ago, my blender decided to stop working. Not in any kind of dramatic fashion, either, so no good kitchen disaster story. (Check back for one of those... soon enough, I'm sure.) I needed a replacement ASAP because there was a recipe I was dying to make.

A few of my kitchen-centric friends said great things about their immersion (hand) blenders: easy to use, convenient, little storage necessary, and of course a blending job well done. The immersion blender initially appealed to my love of milkshakes and soups, and great hate of transferring hot liquids to a traditional blender. Luckily for me, I had a shopping trip planned with a friend that weekend, so I did some initial research. There is a wide range of products: cord and cordless (with a charging dock), one or multiple speeds, one or detachable pieces, smoothie additions, fancy colors, etc. I chose the Quick Prep Hand Blender by Cuisinart. The cherry on top was that it was on sale at Macy's. Katy - 1, former phantom blender - 0.

I used it last week for the first time to make this pumpkin bisque. Super easy to use, lightweight, no splattering, and it did a fantastic pureeing job. I also liked being able to see (and test) the texture of the item I was blending, rather than it being hidden inside a blender's pitcher. Next, I want to try a milkshake. TBD.

I highly recommend this tool for anyone in the kitchen, novice or expert. In fact, I can't see buying a traditional blender anytime in the future. I love my immersion blender enough that if I wrote haikus, I'd write one about it. So, if you get a hankering for soup, milkshakes, smoothies, pancakes, or anything else that requires whipping/blending, call me up and I'll probably thank you for the chance to use my new toy :)


  1. My mom has that exact one!! And I used to use it all the time to make cake batter for bday cakes. I would make one cake for every friend's birthday at school in 8th grade...I literally made 1 cake a week at times. This was my way to pretend to be nice but really just eat a lot of cake batter :)

  2. The true test will be how well it makes milkshakes.