Thursday, November 5, 2009

Made with love

I know I said I was going to give Thanksgiving its dues this year, but that holiday hardly requires as much prep as Christmas (and Chanukah). The wrapping, the decking, the writing, and ohhhhhhhhhhh the baking.

I always appreciate cute packaging details that make homemade goods stand out and let the recipient know they were made with love. Ribbons and bows never go out of style, but these tags from Bake It Pretty may be accompanying my holiday gifts this year.

And I don't know about you, but sometimes I make things that aren't as easily packaged as cookies... cakes, sweet rolls, brownies, and I really want presents to look pretty. Occasionally I gift the item in its original pan. But I don't want to rush the recipient in returning the pan to me even though I know I'm out a pan that I use often... it's just a big pile of inconvenience if you ask me. And for multiple gifts? Forget about it.

Thankfully, a coworker recently turned me on to the King Arthur Flour baker's catalogue. They have use-and-lose pans are the perfect solution to holiday treat giving without worrying about your dishes.  And, if you look carefully, there are mini pans on the KAF website as well. Perfect :)

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  1. Hey Katy!
    it's Megan...larry's stepdaughter...if I know larry I know you've heard plenty
    about me as I have about you! First off I love the blog! I also love to bake
    with breads and rolls being my weakness...I'm giving Larry a subscription
    card for the king Arthur flour baking sheet magazine...I highly recommend
    the subscription...only comes about seasonally (about 6 times a year) but
    it is more than worth it! I have all mine in a binder and I read and reread
    them religiously! I also recommend cooks illustrated and cooks country if
    you haven't seen those yet...both great cooking mags!!! And one last thing
    king Arthur flour will be in pgh this weekend giving free baking demos on
    Saturday in monroeville and on Sunday in cranberry...I am hoping to make it
    to cranberry on Sunday at least...check out their website for the specifics!
    Love the baking blog!!!