Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday five: Shiny new things

Let me happily be the first to wish you the very first TGIF of the new year!  Have you adjusted to writing 2013 yet?  Normally, it takes me a week or two at least, but this year my brain must have been ready to usher in the new year, and I haven't had any trouble at all making the switch.  As of today when I clicked "publish" I haven't mistakenly written 2012 yet.  But now that that's out there, I'm sure that's bound to change at any moment.

As soon as I toss my old calendar and hang up the new one, I can't help but make plans for the year ahead.   Travel here!  Call this person!  Buy that article of clothing!  And, of course, cook that thing!

Trying new things isn't exactly one of my strengths, but I'm making a conscientious effort to do so more often.  You never know until you try, right?  For example, I was once verrrrrry hesitant about Indian food but have totally become a convert; chana masala is one of my favorite dishes ever!  Positive reinforcement at its finest.

Here is the first Friday five of 2013, full of new things that may become old favorites!

1. Risotto - I buy it out at a restaurant any chance I get, but I'm still unreasonably nervous about making it at home.  I tried last year, and it was just... okay.  Rather than trying again, I simply gave up and moved on, which is very unlike me.  This year I'm going to conquer it, required patience and all, and I'll start with this recipe.  Shrimp and asparagus and cheese?  Yes, please! 

2. Booties - I've had mine for 28 years (ha!), but I've yet to sport a pair of 'em on my feet.  I spotted these gorgeous suede booties months ago when the Madewell store in my local mall first opened and haven't been able to forget them. Cute with jeans, be they boot cut, skinny, or rolled-up, and tights with skirts or dresses.  Plus, they're on sale.  Say no more!

3. Almond & soy milk - I'm proud to say that I've been a cow milk drinker all of my life.  While I don't plan to change this anytime soon, I do think it's high time I give almond and soy milk a taste test, if nothing else.  I've heard that the vanilla flavor of both is absolutely unparalleled with cereal.  Are you bold enough to have tried either of these?

4. Barre fitness classes - A few months ago, a Pure Barre studio opened in the Pittsburgh area.  I have zero dance training, but I've heard experience isn't necessary to benefit from the ballet-inspired exercise sessions.  Plus, rumor has it that the classes provide an absolutely killer workout, and I'm never one to shy away from a good butt-kicking.  The first class is free, so why not give it a go?

5. No slip dish towels - This is one new thing that I might as well already consider a part of my kitchen.  It never fails that when I'm flitting about, I haphazardly grab for the "clean" (as in, use only to dry off clean hands after washing) towel and end up missing the bar completely, dumping the towel onto the floor.  Needless to say, I go through "clean" towels rather quickly, so I'm super thankful that Martha Stewart came up with this brilliant idea for no slip dish towels.  Three cheers for Velcro!

Have a fantastic weekend and stay warm, friends!


  1. I also wanted to try almond milk but accidentally got coconut milk! Oops...

  2. Vanilla rice milk is very good, but a lot of calories. Normal Silk is comparable to skim milk.