Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday five: Chicago!

It's Friday, and I'm so ready to ditch this town!  Whaddya say?  You, too?  If you can fit in our very small carry-on luggage, you've got a deal.  Because we're heading to Chicago for the weekend!


We've had this trip planned for a few months, and I'm so excited to be returning to Chi-town five years after my very first visit.  It is one of my top three favorite cities to visit.  One of Matt's best friends recently moved there with his wife and gave us an open invitation.  We couldn't resist, so we immediately accepted their offer.

While we're simply looking forward to spending quality time with them and their super cuddly cat, I know they're going to show us the hot (and sweet) spots about town.  Here are a few things that may or may not be on our itinerary.  It's Friday five: Chicago edition!

1. Millenium Park -  No description necessary because that picture says it all.  Okay, maybe just this: I don't care that it's called Cloud Gate because I just want to call it "the bean."

2. Michigan Avenue a.k.a. The Magnificent Mile - This is to Chicago as Fifth Avenue is to New York City.  Looks and sounds like a shopping haven!  Even if we can't afford to go on a Pretty Woman-esque shopping spree, I'm just jazzed to experience downtown and all its phenomenal architecture, hot chocolate in hand, of course.

3. The Meatloaf Bakery - This one has been on my list for months and, yes, it's exactly like what it sounds.  Instead of cupcakes in muffin papers, it's meatloaves of all varieties that are cooked up in miniature form.  I swear I've seen the meatloaf episode of United Tastes of America featuring this place at least 5 times.  I don't know how I'll decide between the Omega-3 loaf and the No Buns About It Burger loaf.  Decisions are so hard!  #firstworldproblems

4. The Second City - Yep, this is that famous improv comedy group.  The place where some of the funniest people well, ever, got their start: Alan Arkin, Peter Boyle, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey.  Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe you've heard of them?  Mm hmm.

5. The Museum of Science & Industry - Reason #802,633 why I love Matt: he, too, is a mega science nerd.  So, convincing him to go here (and his friends who are an engineer and a neuropsychologist) should be smooth sailing.  I was going to liste a few of the exhibits that excite me, but when I started typing I ended up with a very large list.  Oops. Instead, I'll leave you to check out the list for yourself if you so choose, but... okay... the Peanuts exhibit!  Squeal!

And though it didn't make one of the Friday five, please know that we plan to indulge in plenty of deep dish pizza.  Though Matt loves hot dogs, he claims the Chicago dog is "gross" and "has too much going on," so pizza will be our focus.  The things we do for love, right?  :)

Happy MLK, Jr. weekend, everyone!  Savor it!

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  1. Have SO much fun. One of my best friends, and another Pittsburgh gal, lives there and I've been meaning to visit. Take good notes so I can copy :)