Thursday, May 31, 2012

Like a stake through the heart

That's how I felt when I just discovered that my all-time favorite dessert (deconstructed banana cream pie) has been removed from its restaurant's menu.  Let the tears begin!

I first gushed over Eleven over two years ago and haven't stopped raving about it since then.  I've sent friends, coworkers, and anyone who would listen to the Strip District to experience the glory that is my favorite of the Big Burrito Restaurant Group's creations.  The food is good, sure, but the dessert is out of this world.

Well, this girl was thinking of her upcoming birthday (cough July 19th cough) and began to search for where she'd like to go for dinner.  With that banana cream pie in mind, I checked the menu and, lo and behold, it was gone.  I know restaurants must update and change their menus to stay relevant, but how can they explain this?  I feel like I've lost a dear friend.  Sadly, Eleven has been removed from the list of birthday dinner restaurant candidates.  #foodheartbroken

Have you ever experienced this -- a restaurant removing your favorite menu item -- and been crushed?  Or, gosh this is so much worse, discovered it after you were seated to dine at said restaurant?   Misery loves company, so lament away!  We can get through this together... maybe.

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  1. None that I can think of, although I fear that someday I will go to Rock Bottom and they will no longer have Chicken Fried Chicken. On a similar note however, when I was younger I loved Weaver's Chicken Croquettes. One day, they changed their recipe and the resulting horror tasted like cardboard. And now they don't even make them... Sad days.