Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Lucky recipes for St. Patrick's Day

...and eying these recipes in time for the holiday this weekend.  Here are some tried and true favorites of mine that you should definitely add to your to make list for this week:

Irish soda bread!  Easy no-knead bread that's a favorite with almost everyone!

Irish beef hand pies!  Beef and cabbage wrapped in flakey puff pastry make a to-die-for dinner.

Green monster smoothies!  The green comes from the spinach, but the flavor is all banana and peanut butter.  Perfect for a powerful breakfast.  I'm loving my green monster-fueled mornings!

And, who can forget cut out sugar cookies?  A very sweet and important staple of any holiday.  Every time I make these cookies and take 'em to work, they magically disappear.

Since I was out of town this weekend and Lent is keeping me from baking my heart out on the weekdays, here are some festive treats I've been saving to make for St. Patrick's Day on Saturday.  I'll certainly post whatever I make but I wanted you to have the recipes ahead of time so you may plan accordingly :)

Mint chocolate chip cookies!  Looks like the ice cream went rogue and morphed into a hand-held melt-free treat.  Count me in... like Flynn.  (I hear he's Irish.)

Leprechaun crunch!  Think peppermint bark for St. Patrick's Day.  Love love love the addition of the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal with the salty crunch of pretzels.

Mint Oreo chocolate pie!  A lighter take on the traditional grasshopper pie with a boatload of crushed mint Oreos.  Yes, please.

Mint Oreo truffles!  Another mint Oreo treat but in one-bite form.  Similar process to making cake pops but without any baking.

I'm so torn as to what I'll make.  I had just typed it is a neck and neck race between the pie and the truffles, but then I scrolled upwards to check out the crunch and cookies... what's an (1/4) Irish girl to do? :)  What are you going to make or bake for the green festivities?

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