Thursday, October 27, 2011

The blog's 2nd birthday!

Happy birthday to me Baking, domesticity, and all things mini!  I can hardly believe that exactly two years ago, I launched this little project.  We're into the terrible terribly adventurous and delicious twos now :)

I celebrated my blog-iversary the only way I thought would be appropriate -- searching out a new baking challenge for myself, making miniature sweets, and sharing them with you!  And, I suppose you can check the box next to "domesticity", too, since I wore an apron during assembly and took said miniature sweets to a tailgating party.  Yes, yes, and heck yes!

One little glitch -- said tailgate was for a late evening Pitt game last night and this girl didn't walk in her door until after midnight.  So, the cake pops will have to wait until tomorrow.  For now, browse through some of my favorite recipes from the last year:

11-8-10 Breakfast apple granola crisp
11-17-10 Real meatballs
12-13-10 - Breakfast pizza
1-5-11 White chocolate covered Ritz Bitz sandwiches 
2-4-11 Black (and gold) bottom cupcakes
2-24-11 Simple bolognese with rigatoni
2-25-11 Peanut butter cup crunch brownies
3-31-11 Coconut chicken
3-29-11 The best cinnamon rolls in the world
5-10-11 Monte Cristo sandwich
5-16-11 Monster cookies
5-23-11 Spring asparagus bacon hash
6-15-11 Classic French onion soup
7-6-11 Watermelon, arugula, and goat cheese salad with balsamic glaze
7-22-11 Corn and tomato pie
8-18-11 Homemade Oreos
8-23-11 Ham and cheese in puff pastry
8-25-11 Bacon-wrapped potato wedges
9-8-11 Favorite lasagna
9-13-11 Pumpkin whoopie pies

10-5-11 Beef taco salad with chunky tomato dressing

Looking back at everything I've made and done this past year --  I'd forgotten just how much -- I am reminded of my never-ending love for food and, more so, sharing said love with kind folks like you!  You keep me going and constantly inspire me, so I must thank you :)

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  1. Happy Blog-iversary! Here's to many, many more.