Friday, March 19, 2010

Working for the weekend

It's amazing, for how much I love love love making and following lists, that I haven't posted more on here. Well, let's open that can of worms today, shall we?  Things I'm looking forward to this weekend, particularly:

1. First and foremost, the weather. Oh my gosh, the weather. Can you believe it's still technically winter (okay, for one more day) and it's been in the mid 60s most days this week? Unreal.

2. Warm weather naturally means ice cream season. Yes, in March.  Ice cream season for me starts on the first 60+ degree day and goes until well... there is snow on the ground or I can't feel my fingers when I'm holding the ice cream. I've already been to Dave & Andy's twice in a week. I think it's time for some gelato on Walnut Street.  If you have never been there, I highly recommend it.  They charge by weight, not size (genius!) and have a minimum of 20 flavors every day.

3. Finally snatching up a rectangular tart pan that I've been courting for months.  And it seems that every time I get close to buying one, I think, "Nah, you won't use this that often, and you make quiches in pie plates anyway."  Well, pan, get ready to come home with me!  With asparagus season just around the corner and many recipes waiting in the wings, I can't get my hands on that pan soon enough.  Plus, I just love the fluted edges of the pan that make a pie crust even prettier and more irresistible.

4.  Some browsing the shops on Walnut is obviously mandatory since I'll already be there.  And J. Crew, you should know I'll be watching you carefully.  After offering an item like this for sale, I'm starting to question the very reason I sing your praises.  I mean, honestly, what on earth is that thing?  And in what obviously confused yet preppy-by-nature corner of your mind did you think making such a garment was a good idea?  Tsk tsk.

5. Book club meeting on Sunday to discuss A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.  Check it out!  And I've been told that Colin Firth's performance in the movie adaptation is fabulous.

6. And, last but certainly not least, a nice little dinner date at Sunnyledge Inn.  I'll be sure to report on this little gem next week.

7. Really last, this time.  Have a great weekend and happy (early) spring!

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  1. Sunnyledge Inn looks like a nice little place. I hope you enjoy it!