Monday, March 1, 2010

I say doughnut, you say donut

Happy March!  Wow, I can't believe it's March already.  The Olympics are over (and what a two weeks!), college basketball is in full swing, and people are going to start getting ready for swimsuit season.  Fans of that last one aren't going to like what I have to announce, but well, if you didn't like food or fun, you most likely wouldn't be reading this!

In response to a comment a few weeks ago, and although National Doughnut Day is a few months away, I've decided to declare March as doughnut/donut month!  [fanfare]

Five weeks, five different doughnut recipes, one to be published each Tuesday.  I considered a doughnut week but decided that I should give myself and my doughnut testers some recovery time between each batch of fried deliciousness.  The doughnut recipes will range from the traditional to the shortcut and even include a new shape.  (If, for some unfortunate reason, you are not a fan of doughnuts, don't worry -- the rest of the week will be business as usual here.)  I'm almost ashamed to say how much time I've spent researching and testing recipes, but then I remember how they taste and forget everything else.  There is NOTHING in the world like a fresh, warm doughnut.  Get excited! :)

In a completely unrelated note, attention all yoga fanatics in the Pittsburgh area!  A friend told me about a new yoga studio called Yoga Flow that has just opened in Shadyside and is offering 30 days of free yoga!  I love free.  I'd suggest you check out the schedule and call ahead to make sure the class is open, but sounds like a good deal to me.  I'm going to try to get there sometime this week or weekend.  If any of you go, let me know how it is!

Whew, doughnuts and yoga.  What could be better?  Have a great Monday!

Oh, and question: how do you spell the delight known as the fried ring of dough?  I'm curious!

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