Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 Perfect party cookie recipes!

(taps keyboard) Is this thing on?

It's been a while, but I'm back.  And you're here, too -- thank you!

I bet you're wondering where that cake recipe is that I promised you last week.  Well, let me be frank: it didn't turn out quite like I expected.  The end result was mind-blowing, but there were many, many bumps and adaptations along the way.  So many hiccups that I decided not to share it with you until I could nail down a clear recipe.  Phrases like "when half of the cake sticks to the pan" and "when the meringue is taking forever to fluff thanks to the gosh dang humidity" don't exactly sell a recipe, do they?

At any rate, the cake was pretty ding dang delicious, and I will be making it again ASAP.

These past three weeks have been fun and busy!  I've been working in the kitchen almost every night on cookie orders for weddings and birthday parties.  Since so many of you are heading to parties and cookouts or hosting your own for this upcoming holiday weekend, I thought you'd like some inspiration for the dessert table.  Here are the recipes I've been baking that I know you and your friends and family will love:

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