Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On (local) newstands now

Hiya, All Things Mini readers!

I've got some exciting news to share with you.  Recently, an editor for a local food magazine contacted me about doing a feature in an upcoming issue.  After calmly returning to my chair (not that I fell out of it or anything...), I responded and shared my story as well as some favorite recipes and photos with her.  At the end of last week, a special package arrived in the mail for me, containing two copies of this:

[image via Edible Allegheny]

Isn't that cover so bright and cheerful and just plain gorgeous?  Love it!  The editor with whom I worked is so sweet and even bookmarked the page she knew I'd first want to see:

Squeal!  So.real.  I should play it cool and pretend I haven't looked at that page at least 20 times since Friday, but I can't.  First, you know I'm not that casual.  And I'm terrible at lying.

If you're local to the Pittsburgh area, I recommend you pick up a hard copy of the magazine -- there are so many mouth-watering recipes and great articles about the ever-growing Pittsburgh food culture.  My favorite feature is the two page calendar spread in the front of the magazine, showcasing all of the fun culinary events happening in the area.  Farm to table dinners!  Garlic festivals!  Cooking classes!  It's enough to make anyone's stomach grumble.  You can find the magazine at local Barnes & Noble Booksellers, as well as Giant Eagle and Whole Foods locations. 

For the online edition, click here to jump over to the Online Dish feature of Edible Allegheny's website.

And, finally, a special thank you to all of you for reading, cooking, and supporting me on a daily basis.  You make this all possible and totally fun :)


  1. This is WONDERFUL, congratulations!! Yinz are doing big things, n'at.


  2. How exciting! And I can say I knew you when ...

  3. Katy,

    Love this post! Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad I found your blog for Edible Allegheny's Online Dish — I read it every week, and have even tried to replicate a few of your recipes (although I'm sure yours end up tasting better).

    You were an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!