Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Fat Tuesday, illustrated

Brought cookies to work... (recipe coming next week!)

Snacked on some of these in the morning...

Had a salad and leftover BBQ pulled chicken for lunch... (recipe on tap for tomorrow!)

Shared a Baby Ruth in the afternoon...

At last, dinner... and yes, the brownie batter doughnut from Dunkin' is sooooo worth the hype!  The filling is legit brownie batter, even with that signature slightly grainy texture.  Amaze.

And dessert... Razzy Fresh.  Coconut, cookies & cream, and French vanilla with some cookie dough bits and a single gummy worm.  For the win.

Gulp.  At least I started my day off with a run.  Overall, not a bad day.  Not a bad day at all :)

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