Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowed in and baking!

TGIF!  Doing some baking this weekend for one very special bride-to-be's shower on Sunday (so excited!) and realized that this is the perfect wintry weekend for such an endeavor.

You're snowed inside, and the single digit temperatures make you realize there is no real need to leave the warmth of your home.  Might I suggest baking some cookies?

Here is the recipe for the best sugar cookies.

They are the best.  And all of you seem to agree -- it's  the 4th most visited post (thank you!) on here after almost three years.  Totally worth sharing again... especially with a snowy weekend ahead of us.

Why not stay inside and bake up some sweets, curl up on the couch, and succumb to the Princess Diaries/Wedding Crashers/NFL TV onslaught?  Yes, I think you should do just that.

Mazel Tov :)

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