Monday, February 7, 2011

Super disappointment

How was this sports-filled weekend?

1.Though it was a pretty thrilling Super Bowl game, it was very frustrating to watch the hometown team shoot themselves in the foot turn the ball over time and time again.  Ay, Steelers.  Next year, I suppose.

2. The Penguins went 1-1 this weekend in games, not terrible on its own, but most likely lost Evgeni Malkin for the season due to... this is just unreal... a torn MCL and ACL in his right knee.  I think I'm more upset about this one than the Super Bowl, to be honest!

3. On the bright side, last night's festivities did not disappoint.  If I were making a highlight reel, it would include homemade meatballs, the always-under-appreciated cookie cakes from Giant Eagle, and a small fluffy dog donning a Terrible Towel as a cape, a la Underdog.

How was your Super Bowl weekend?  Any exciting dishes? :)  Have a good Monday!

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