Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas tree time!

You see, with two kids, my parents had to figure out a systematic way of deciding who gets to top the tree every year.  Since there are four letters in my name, I got the evenly-numbered years, while J-e-n-n-y (5) got the oddly-numbered years.  Did your family have any sort of rotating order for topping trees or lighting menorahs?

Oh, and someone got into the box of ornaments while we were busy faking a tree-topping photo shoot.  I think Stella is partial to the Snoopy decorations...

After the Christmas explosion at my parents' house, I brought my haul of decorations back to Pittsburgh and put up the tree and lights last night.  I had to stop myself because it was already past my bedtime, but tonight's when the real tree-trimming party will occur.  Here's my to-do list for a cozy evening inside when it's raining and dismal outside:
  • Hang ornaments
  • Place other holiday decorations around apartment
  • Make chicken noodle soup
  • Bake cookies
  • Watch something holly and jolly on TV... there are many choices: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on CBS at 8:00; How the Grinch Stole Christmas on ABC at 8:00; followed by Shrek the Halls, also on ABC at 8:30... but, what about Glee?!  Decisions, decisions.
Two new recipes to look forward to this week!  Have a good one! :)

When do you put up your holiday decorations?  Before Thanksgiving or after?  Later in December?


  1. We put our tree up in Dec. but this year we are so busy we're struggling to find a day to decorate! As for tree topper, a star, my dad always did it since he's 6 ft 2 in. We kids just watched and told him if it was crooked!

  2. I hear ya on the busy schedule. And, at least to me, stringing up the lights is the worst part of decorating. Once I get past that, the ornaments are the fun part :) Hopefully this snowy cold weather will afford you some much-needed time inside to catch up... Good luck!!