Friday, May 7, 2010

A date of different kind

After months of hearing about the world of wonders that is the new Market District Giant Eagle out in Robinson Township, I requested that we take a field trip to this king of grocery stores.  Holy overwhelming, people.  I'm the kind of person who normally takes an hour for a routine food shopping trip.  I like love the grocery store.  It's relaxing to me, and yes, I like to "interview" my produce (as my mom would say).  But this place, wow.  Good thing it isn't my regular grocery store... I'd never get anything done.  And it's a little scattered, but that's okay for this adventure's purposes.

We hit the restaurant section first after arriving: cold and hot bars (buffets), a crepes bar, barbeque/roasting counter, pastry counter, gelato case, pasta bar, salad bar, pizza oven, Asian food and sushi, a panini counter.... whew!  Matt and I each made our own dinner, picking a little from each section.  I can't count how many times I've ordered a dinner and not been thrilled with one part of it, so I end up begrudgingly swallowing it or pushing it around my plate before I ignore it completely.  This meal was an animal of a different color -- each part was hand-selected by yours truly.  I ordered a crab cake, a Tuscan vegetable stack, and garlic green beans, all of which were absolutely delicious (and warmed upon ordering!):

After our tummies were quite happy and full from dining on our grocery store dinners in the upstairs cafeteria, we decided to explore the rest of the store.  The produce section is unreal and features a hydroponic lettuce garden.  The meat and cheese counters had us ogling for much too long.  (Rattlesnake meat, anyone?)  Matt was especially excited about the nut butter station... and I can't blame him.  The homemade honey peanut butter was incredible.

Because it's Friday and a well-transitioned paragraph is not in my blood today, here are some other highlights of GE's new digs:
-Cooking school on the second floor
-Beer store for purchase and slight enjoyment within the confines of this area
-Health and wellness section, oddly organized by alphabetically lettered aisles
-Bulk foods section including beans, nuts, and dried granola mixtures
-Candy, card, and gift shops

If you're bored on a rainy day, head over to this gem of a store and you can thank me later.  It's a trip for any foodie :)

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