Friday, January 29, 2010


When we were kids, a cookie was a perfect reward for just about any job well done. I don't know about you, but I think a cookie is still an appropriate thumbs up in adulthood. Forget the pat on the back from a supervisor or a "excellent work" note in your personnel file. I want a freakin' cookie! Preferably one of these or these, thankyouverymuch :)

Today's honorary cookie goes out to my friend Laura, whose Pittsburgh food blog was recently featured in Pop City Media.  If you're looking for new and exciting places to eat in Pittsburgh, it'd behoove (oh, 8th grade GOAL class) you to give that link a click.  Yay!  Congrats to all involved!

Also, my camera has been swiftly (and safely) returned to me.  This means lots of time in the kitchen this weekend to make up for a rather lazy week. Though I guess it worked out for the best since I overhauled my gym routines this week, and my body has been suffering adjusting as a result.  Wishing everyone a pleasant and warm weekend :)

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